[En] Nikkei225option IV data

Nikkei 225 option IV data at the time of collapse acquired by Smile catcher.

Nikkei225F => Nikkei 225 futures middle value
ATM_IV => IV (implied volatility) of ATM
PUT_IV[D-0.1] => IV (implied volatility) of OTM Put (Delta – 0.1)
CALL_IV[D+0.1] => IV (implied volatility) of OTM Call (delta + 0.1)
RV[TE] => RV (realized volatility), calculation method is TE (third eye)
SKEW[No_Time_Difference] => Volatility skew excluding temporal impact

[2018.10~] Nikkei225option IV

[2015.11~] Nikkei225option IV

Smile Catcher (Nikkei225option Trading Support Tool)

【日経225オプション】専業トレーダー。Extremistan に生息するユキヒョウ、好物はクズOP。2005年にFXデビュー後、2010年からオプションをメインにトレード。3.11で吹き飛んだことを切欠に、とある天才プロ集団であるクローズドギルドで勉強させてもらえることに。以来、戦友たちと切磋琢磨しつつ【ギルドの訓え】を身に付けるべく実践し、真剣に日々の取引を積み上げています。本サイトの開設は2018.07。

[Nikkei 225 option] trader. Snow leopard living in Extremistan, favorite is garbage OP. After FX debut in 2005, we trade the option to main from 2010. By noticing what we blew up in 3.11 we decided to study at a closed guild, a genius professional group. Since then, practicing to acquire [Guild's lesson] while practicing hardly with the fellows, we are accumulating daily transactions seriously. The opening of this site is 2018.07. TOKYO, JAPAN.

[Monthly profit and loss]

2019.02 +330,000 JPY
2019.01 +474,000 JPY
2018.12 +1,735,000 JPY
2018.11 +371,000 JPY
2018.10 +1,947,000 JPY
2018.09 +201,000 JPY
2018.08 +556,500 JPY

Emon Report for Nikkei225option trading