[En] Smile Catcher sc 0.64.rdx / IV recording and alarm setting

Smile catcher is indispensable not only for displaying “smile curve” but also for executing option transactions precisely, such as display function of “IV minute foot record” and “smile chart (transition chart of smile curve)”, “alarm function” No function is implemented. I will explain how to set IV recording and alarm.

First let’s start the smile catcher. About launching Smile catcher, here.

[En] Smile Catcher sc 0.64.rdx / installation and launch
Smile Catcher zip file expansion 1. Right-click on the downloaded smile catcher "sc 0.64. Rdx" (x varies depending on...

Download here.

[En] Smile Catcher sc0.64.rdx / Download
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1. Select recording start time of IV

Open the “Settings” sheet and select the time to start recording from the pull-down menu of cell “I16”.
“9: 00: 00” → When recording from the front approach
“16: 30: 00” → When recording from the night sessions approach
“Now” → If you want to start recording now


2. Recording of IV started

Please press the “4-value, minute record” button. Confirm that the cell “L16” has changed from “stopped” to “running”.


3. Stop and resume IV recording

If you want to stop from “running”, please press “stop” button. If you want to restart IV recording after stopping, please select the desired time again according to the procedure of “1.”.


4. Setting the operation for saving and clearing IV records

Please select “do not do” as necessary for various operations. You can also change the time of operation in “I line 18 to 27”. In that case please change the text time directly. Basically, I think that you can keep the default. (Night session is early in the morning until 5:30, but since 3 o’clock the liquidity is so thin that I can not get an accurate IV, so I set the time of recording end to 3: 02. Please change as necessary. )


By the above procedure, the transition of IV will be recorded every moment in various graphs of the “Graph” sheet. Please change the placement and color to make the graph easier to see on your own taste.


5. “ON / OFF” setting of alarm

The alarm function is implemented in the smile catcher. To use the alarm function, first select “on” from the pull-down menu of cell “K39”. If you do not want to use the alarm function, please set it to “off”.


6. Description of alarm “Not yet completed”

6. is not caught when setting an alarm. When the alarm goes off, it changes from “Not yet” to “Done”. Even if the cell “K39” is set to “on”, the alarm will not sound. If you want to ring an alarm again, please select “Not yet” from the pull-down menu.


7. Alarm name and description

Please use this space for what kind of alarm setting, please input comment.


8. Alarm function

For example, we will explain cell “J40” (cell marked FALSE) as an example. The function of this cell is “= (current value! $ E $ 4> = 0.3)”. This is a function to operate the “when the IV becomes 30 or more” alarm.

The character string “current value” in the function refers to the name “current value” of the sheet.
“E4” is the address of the cell and “IV current value” is displayed.
Operate the alarm when “current value of IV” is “same (=)” or “large (>)” from “0.3”.

If it is set at IV 50% or higher, it becomes “= (present value! $ E $ 4> = 0.5)”. Various values ​​can be monitored by arbitrarily changing functions such as risk parameter such as delta etc. as well as IV and profit and loss.

This concludes the explanation of the IV setting and alarm setting method.

Smile Catcher (Nikkei225option Trading Support Tool)

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